Shuttle Bus & Box Truck Repair

truck repair atlanta ga

Motor homes and box trucks require special accommodations like specialized lifts and plenty of working space when it’s time for repairs and maintenance. We offer a full-service truck repair in Atlanta, GA. The following vehicles are serviced in spacious, customized service pads.

Shuttle Bus & Box Truck Service Atlanta GA

We can accommodate your motor home Class A, Class B, or Class C whether it is gas or diesel for all your mechanical needs. Our specialized lifts can handle whatever your wheelbase needs are.

We can also work on box trucks whether it is the only one you own, or you have a fleet of vehicles. Just let us know what your needs are, we will treat them all like they are our own.

Motor Homes are used for vacations, weekend getaways, and enjoying life in general. Always have your vehicle checked by a trained professional before hitting the road. Complications along the way can put a drain on your vacation fun.

After a detailed inspection, your mechanic may perform an overall tune-up (which may include servicing the distributor cap, fuel filter, air filter, breather filter, spark plugs, and other components), carburetor tuning (to ensure the proper mix of air and fuel), suspension and undercarriage work, exhaust systems adjustments, and perform standard maintenance routines to ensure your large vehicle is ready for the road.

Shuttle Bus & Box Truck Repair Near Me

When you’re getting ready for a big trip, the focus is often on stocking the vehicle with food, drinks, fresh towels, and all the basics for living. But it’s also important to make sure your motor home is ready for whatever the road may throw at it. Call us today for all your Atlanta truck repair needs.


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