Oil Changes Every 3,000 Miles Prevent a Clogged Oil Filter

Bring your car, truck, or utility vehicle to Advantage Auto Service every 3,000 miles so we can change the oil in the oil filter. Regular oil changes not only increase your engine’s performance and fuel economy but also extend its life. The engine needs clean motor oil circulating through it all the time when it is running. Failure to change the oil will result in a clogged oil filter and cause the following problems.

Problems With Engine Performance

The reason why the oil filter gets clogged is that it cleans the motor oil after it has circulated through the engine. The motor oil picks up dirt and grime as it flows over moving engine parts. The filter removes this grime. The more grime it absorbs the more clogged it gets. Consequently, you’ll end up with dirty motor oil circulating through the engine and engine performance problems as a result.

Problems With the Fuel Economy

These engine performance problems include an engine that sputters and acceleration that lags. Your engine will not be running as it normally does. Consequently, the engine will overcompensate for the power loss by burning more fuel. As such, you will end up with a reduction in your automobile’s fuel economy. If you are living on a tight budget, this can create financial problems.

Problems With the Oil Pressure

The engine will also suffer in its performance because the oil pressure is reduced by the clogged oil filter. Consequently, the working parts may be operating with little-to-no oil. The engine control unit, the main computer chip, will get wind that there is a problem with the oil pressure in the engine. It will turn on the oil light to let you know that there’s a problem.

Engine Noises That Are Metallic

As the oil pressure continues to lag and the filter gets even more clogged, there will come a point when you will start to hear metallic noises coming from the engine. It is crucial that you stop driving your automobile immediately once you hear these noises. These noises point to the fact that you do not have motor oil circulating through the engine at all.

Problems With Vehicle Emissions

Finally, your vehicle is going to have difficulties passing an emissions test if the oil filter is clogged. This is because the dirty motor oil increases the number of hydrocarbons that are found in your vehicle’s exhaust. Consequently, the hydrocarbons will be above the mandated limit.

Call Advantage Auto Service in Marietta, GA, today to set up an oil change service if it has been too long since your last one.

Photo by Milan Krasula from getty images via Canva Pro

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