My Car’s Power Steering Is Acting Strange

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s power steering is acting strange, it’s possible that the power steering pump is going bad. Advantage Auto Service can inspect the power steering system to determine if the pump needs to be replaced. Generally, a power steering pump lasts about 100,000 miles. If you have that mileage or more on your odometer and you notice any of the following problems, it’s time to replace the power steering pump.

Whining, Squealing, or Groaning Noises

Once the pump starts to go bad, your automobile will protest every time you turn the steering wheel. You will hear whining, squealing, or groaning noises. Of the three, groaning sounds are the most common. These noises will get louder the tighter you turn the steering wheel. This can be a sign that the pump is going bad or that you have low power steering fluid.

A Steering Wheel That’s Hard to Turn

The power steering pump circulates the fluid through the power steering system, so if the pump is going bad, it may be hard to turn the steering wheel. The reason why is that the pump may be unable to push the power steering fluid through the system to help you turn the wheel. The longer you ignore the problem the harder it may be to turn your steering wheel.

A Steering Wheel That Doesn’t Respond

In fact, in severe cases, there may come a point when your vehicle does not respond to your steering. This can make driving your automobile dangerous because you will be unable to control it. For example, you may get stuck in an intersection trying to make a turn with unresponsive power steering. It’s important to have the steering system inspected at the first sign of trouble.

Squealing Noises at Vehicle Start-Up

It’s possible that your power steering pump isn’t bad but your accessory belt is too loose. If this is the case, your power steering pump is not being powered correctly and this can affect its performance. One sign that the accessory belt needs to be tightened is squealing noises when you start your vehicle.

Leaking Power Steering Fluid

Finally, when the power steering pump goes bad it might start leaking power steering fluid all over your garage floor. Power steering fluid is red when it is new and it turns reddish-brown when it gets old. Fluid spots of this color could be power steering fluid.

Advantage Auto Service is the best auto service shop in Marietta, GA, so call us today to schedule an appointment if you are having problems with your vehicle’s power steering.

Photo by Stason4ic from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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