Don’t Dread Your Family’s Next RV Trip

RV trips seem like a good idea until you’re a few hours into them. The kids get bored and the spouse gets cranky because the kids are cranky. You drive on, trying your best to ignore everyone, but then the arguing and “are we there yet” starts. You’ve scheduled another RV trip and realize you’re actually dreading it. How can you turn a bad trip into a good one? Follow the advice of Advantage Auto Service.

Keep Everyone Active

Studies show that physical activity boosts serotonin, one of the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals. If your idea of an RV road trip is to map out the quickest route to the campsite and then drive straight to it without stopping, you’ve just created the horrible trip you dread. Keeping everyone active boosts serotonin, dopamine, and other positive brain chemicals which helps to prevent the arguing, whining, impatience, and frustration. But how do you keep your spouse and kids active on the road?

Don’t be tempted to think that movies and video games are your answer. They aren’t. Rather, mapping out a road trip that includes numerous stops each day is the best way to keep everyone happy and engaged in the family’s adventure. You not only want to stop several times a day for bathroom breaks but also to get out of the RV and move, move, move! This goes beyond stretching your legs. Pick stops that get the entire family walking, running, playing, and enjoying roadside attractions.

Avoid Triggers

Sitting in an RV all day is the first grump-trigger. The next is loading up on caffeine, fat, and sugar. As with activity, certain drinks and foods affect feel-good brain chemicals and increase adrenaline. For example, caffeine affects dopamine production, but not in a good way. Caffeine can increase aggression and depression. Fat not only makes one sleepy, which makes the little ones cranky, it also reduces crucial driver awareness. Sugar might boost everyone’s mood at first, but the resulting crash puts a very dark cloud over the RV. Food and drink make all the difference in your family’s vacation.

The best way to avoid food-related issues is to ensure everyone drinks plenty of water only and eats right, even while on the road. Schedule some of the daily stops at restaurants that serve healthy, protein-rich foods; avoid fast-food restaurants and drive-thru eateries. Also, keep healthy snacks in the RV, such as nuts, fruit, granola bars, and protein bars, but watch out for the sugar content in the latter two, as they can be deceptively high in sugar.

Finally, if your RV breaks down during your trip, you will feel the wrath of your spouse and children, so bring it into Advantage Auto Service for a full service before your trip. We service the greater Atlanta, GA, area and you can call us to set up an appointment.