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diesel repair & service

Diesel Repair Marietta GA

Diesel engines keep America running, whether it’s delivery trucks or your personal vehicle. Our mechanics are trained to service your machine as part of a regular maintenance schedule and troubleshoot problems along the way. For diesel repair or service in Marietta, Advantage Auto Service is the best local mechanic. Whether you have a Powerstroke, Cummins, or a Duramax under the hood, we can service it. For Powerstroke repair, Cummins repair, or Duramax repair, visit our shop today!

Power Stroke Repair Marietta GA

Diesel engines are dependable and the go-to choice when it comes to hauling loads. They provide exceptional power, making them the perfect pick for hauling and towing. Whether you’re towing your camper up steep grades for a weekend getaway in the mountains or pulling your boat to Lake Lanier, your diesel engine is right for the job.

Diesel engines are relatively low-maintenance, but they do periodically need servicing.

Change the Oil – Every vehicle serves a specific purpose. With each rig being different, each will have different oil change requirements. A personal-use vehicle that experiences easy highway miles may only need an oil change every 3,000 or so miles. A labor truck that hauls heavy loads and travels in rough environments may need oil changes more frequently. Always check your owner’s manual and follow the recommended schedules.

Refresh the Gear Oil – Smooth-turning axles are often taken for granted, but refreshing or replacing the gear oil can ensure they continue to turn smoothly. If your diesel vehicle is used for hauling loads, have the gear oil changed every 20,000 miles. If your vehicle is used for lightweight purposes, a gear oil change every 50,000 miles should be adequate.

Watch Your Coolant – Your diesel engine generates a lot of heat. Have your coolant quality and level checked every 15,000 miles or so to ensure maximum efficiency.

Transmission Fluid – The heat generated by your engine can cause your transmission fluid to lose integrity over time. Check your owner’s manual for recommended servicing intervals to ensure your gears stay well-lubricated and running smoothly.

Diesel Repair Near Me

In addition to keeping your fluids changed, there are other things your mechanic will review when you bring your diesel in for servicing. Fuel filters, air filters, and crankcase ventilation filters need to be replaced on occasion. You’ll also want to have your transfer case fluid and differential fluids refreshed periodically. When you bring your vehicle in for preventive maintenance, your mechanic will also check your valve lash and may flush your engine cooling system. There’s a lot to remember when it comes to keeping your diesel running at peak performance, and our mechanics know exactly what to look for and how to maintain your vehicle.

Advantage Auto Service is the top choice for diesel repair in Marietta, GA. Come see us today.


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