5 Things That Render Your RV Inoperable

Recreational vehicles can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You purchased yours to create memorable family vacations filled with adventure and joy. Aside from RV camp closures due to COVID-19, there are other things that ruin your RV trip. Should any of these things happen to your RV, Advantage Auto Service can fix it and get you and your family back on the road to adventure.

Dead Engine

Preventative maintenance extends to your RV. You need regular servicing to make certain the engine operates as it should without overheating or breaking down. If you maintain your RV’s engine yourself, make certain you always put the proper fluids and filters in the engine. The wrong coolant alone can wreak havoc on the engine, causing it to overheat and die. As the saying goes, “It’s the little things…”

Dead Batteries

Unlike your car, truck, or SUV, your RV pulls much more power from the engine and house batteries. You’ve got entertainment systems, refrigeration, cooking appliances, and even hand devices pulling power from the batteries. It’s best to test your RV’s batteries before you take any trips. When not in use, the RV’s batteries should still be charged once a week to prevent them from dying completely.

Excess Power Demand

The RV’s power supply works much like the power supply in your home. Last holiday season when you overloaded the circuit breaker with lighted decorations it blew. The same thing will happen if you demand excess power from your RV’s power supply. Know how much voltage it can take and then demand only that much power from the supply. Unplug things to reduce voltage demand.

Worn or Damaged Tires

Safety first and the tires are part of that safety. Make sure you maintain your RV’s tires and have them replaced when they’ve worn past their tread life. A blown tire can ruin your trip, especially if you end up in an accident as a result. Have your RV’s tires inspected and rotated when they need it. Also, make sure you have the correct air pressure in each tire throughout your time on the road.

Exterior Damage

Finally, your RV could become inoperable if you damage the exterior severely. An automobile accident isn’t the only way you can cause exterior damage. You can also bend, dent, or even cut through your RV’s exterior with branches or if you drive under a low-hanging sign or overpass, to name a few damaging culprits. Pay close attention to height restrictions and how close you are to things on the side.

Let Advantage Auto Service in Atlanta, GA, inspect your RV before your next family outing. We’ll service the vehicle to help you avoid roadside trouble. Call us for an appointment at 770-268-2892.

Photo by LarisaBlinova from Getty Images